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Back from vacation! Paypal buttons back up. Orders are shipped day-of or next open USPS day.
While I don’t have them listed, if you need a bulb or a reed separately, drop me a line john@squeezehorns.com and I’ll try to help you out.

16″ Brass Covered Bell Squeeze Horn. With USPS shipping and 360 degree attaching bracket. $48.
What does this honker sound like? 16″ Brass Covered Bell Squeeze Horn mp316 inch brass squeeze horn

16″ Brass covered bell squeeze horn with USPS shipping and 360 degree attaching bracket. $48


16″ Big Bell Squeeze Horn. With USPS shipping and 360 degree attaching bracket. $48 What does this beautiful honker sound like? 16 Inch Brass Loop Squeeze Horn.mp3brass bugle squeeze horn

16″ Big Bell Squeeze Horn with USPS shipping and 360 degree attaching bracket. $48


RARE Replica Lucas “King Of The Road” Classic Double Twist Bulb Horn – Model 38 for Jeep / Motorcycle / Car. 100% Brass. With USPS shipping and attaching bracket. $152 (Have 3 only, more coming but hard to get.).desmo bulb horn
18 inches, weighing in at over a pound, this solid brass beauty has a glorious honk (video coming soon!)

(Note built in attaching bracket, robust enough to attach to your vehicle.)
replica lucas road king bulb horn

18″ Double Loop Brass King of the Road Replica Squeeze Horn $152


What is this attaching bracket? (Comes with your order)
For years I’ve been searching for an easy and practical way to attach my horns to my bike. These are designed to attach flashlights to bicycle handlebars. They work great. Are they perfect? They would be if they came in brass (working on it). These will also be great for attaching your horn to your drum kit.

brass squeeze horn on bicycle handle bars
Also in stock!
14″ Straight Squeeze Horn. These 14″ straight horns are dual-toned. They have one tone on the out breath and another on the in. I’m calling them ‘B’ stock. They are not used horns, but have been in storage for a few years. I’m discounting them for that reason. $22 + $15 USPS flat rate box = $37. I have 2 only. If you want a red or a black bulb, please state in your Paypal order notes, otherwise you may get either. Classic squeeze horn sound! 14 Inch Straight Narrow Squeeze Horn mp3

14″ Straight Horn, USPS shipping + Attaching Bracket $37.


12″ Medium Bell Squeeze Horn. ‘B’ stock, slightly tarnished. Not used, but in storage for a couple of years.
$22 + $15 USPS flat rate box = $37. A fat earthy tone for a 12″ horn! 12″ Brass Loop Squeeze Horn mp3

You are buying 1-12″ Medium Bell Horn, USPS shipping + Attaching Bracket $37.


12″ Large Loop Squeeze Horn ‘B’ stock, slightly tarnished. Not used, but in storage for a couple of years.
$22 + $15 USPS flat rate box = $37. That distinct ‘English Hunting’ tone! 12″ Brass Large Loop Squeeze Horn mp3

You are buying 1-12″ Large Loop Squeeze Horn, USPS shipping + Attaching Bracket $37.


10″ Double Bell Squeeze Horn. I’m going to call these ‘C’ stock and discount them as such. They are new horns but haven’t aged quite as well as the ‘B’ stock and are a little more tarnished. A nice ‘duckish’ ring to it! 10 Inch Double Bell Brass Squeeze Horn mp3

You are buying 1-10″ Double Bell Squeeze Horn, USPS shipping + Attaching Bracket $30.


32 thoughts on “Our Squeeze Horns”

    1. Hi Brett, That would be the 16″ Big Bell Squeeze Horn. The bell is 6″ across. It’s the second one down on the page. Hit the Paypal button below it to make a purchase. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to add a second horn there or have to do it as two transactions. But at 16″ long and 6″ across, I can only fit one in a box so they will come as two packages. Best, John

    1. Hi Gary, I’m pretty sure the Desmo reeds are different from the ones I have in stock. But if you could send me a photo of where your reed goes I’d be sure. john[theatsign]squeezehorns.com In the meantime I’ll ask around. Best, John

    1. Hi Bill, I do. They are replicas (actual vintage Lucas versions would be a fortune), but as of 4/20/21 I have a few in stock. For anyone else reading this, as long as the Paypal buttons are there, I have that item in stock. Best, John

      1. Afternoon John I opened my horn today it’s beautiful and I will get some pictures as soon as I mount it on my Shriners car how would you like me to get you the photos

        1. Glad to hear Bill! They really are special. If it’s okay, I’d like to post any photos you send me on the site. You can send to me via email john @ squeezehorns.com Thanks and Happy Honking!

          1. Hi Bill, Alvin mentioned that you were talking as well. Just to know… I have tried extending the stem on horns up to 3′ (for an experiment) and it didn’t alter the pitch. I’m still experimenting with shifting pitch.

  1. Hi John, I am from Mumbai and we have these horns used in the autorickshaws ( tuk tuk) and the state run buses.
    I have found some people making these brass horns STILL in Mumbai, perhaps these are the last of the breed but these can still be sourced here in Mumbai . Drop me a line on … and we can take ahead.


    1. Hi Al, I replied by email (took your address out of the comment so it wouldn’t be public). Thanks and excited to discuss. Best, John

    1. Very interesting, thank you. Looks like he’s mostly dealing with vintage motorcycle horns. I’m getting some great ideas for attaching brackets for bike handlebars from looking over his site. Thanks again Iguana.

      1. Hi. John
        Greetings for the day.
        This side surender sethi.
        Let me know ur requirements of spare rubber horn bulbs.
        U order any color any quantity.
        Be assured u will get in best rubber quality.
        Surender sethi

        1. Hi Sethi, I removed your email from the comment so you don’t get spammed. But I will contact you now to be in touch.

  2. Good morning, evening, afternoon and night! I have great interest in your insightful encyclopedia of bulb horns of many! But I was wondering if you would be able to identify several of these bulb horn/noisemaker sounds. I’ve created a compilation of these sounds (Warner Bros./Looney Tunes horn sounds) that way they’ll be easy to tell apart. I’m hoping this won’t be a hassle! Do take your time. Thank you and have a great day!

    The video containing the samples:

    1. OMG, that’s amazing and opened up to a ton of other similar vids on YT. Thanks for the link. I’ll build a post with the best of these type of Desmo Horns I can find.

      1. They spell it many different ways.
        Desmo, Deshmo, Deshmuk, Deshmukh.. Sometimes bhopu.. Maybe that will help you ask for the right things.

  3. Hi,

    Are you back to selling horns? Though they were a couple of years old, I’ve seen a few posts on your site saying that you had stopped temporarily.

    I’m looking to purchase two – a 7″ brass and a 10″ double-bell brass.

    I look forward to hearing from you, thank you.

  4. I have about 20 squeeze horns that I purchased from WalMart and the horns are used on a kids barrel ride train.
    the horns are made in China and are sold under the names of Bell and Kent bicycle accessories.
    The plastic and brass reed valve will fail/break after a few minutes of the kids honking them.
    Do you have a vendor or manufacturers that will sell replacement reed valves only?

    replacing the valve would be an quick and simple fix, but the stores that I purchased the horns from tells me the have to replace the whole horn.
    can you help?


    Terry Martin

  5. Hello I am looking to buy just the ball that squeezes as mine has disappeared from my horn bell. Do you know where I could purchase one? Or coul I et one from you? The opening diameter is 1 cm.
    Thank you

    1. Sorry, I don’t just now. Also the bulb on our horns is larger than 1 cm. If you do find a source please let me know.

  6. Tim bought a sqeeeze horn from you a year ago
    How to clean the rubber bulb
    It leaves your hand black!

    1. I’m just discovering this myself. What I’m suspecting is that the second batch of horns I received included bulbs with inferior rubber quality. I’ve cleaned mine with dish washing detergent.

  7. hope you guys are not permanently defunct… I just found you and want to do some bid’ness…
    in the market for some horns (I love the silly things, too) and particularly the mounting brackets
    that you’ve had made up, very cool… if someone’s still out there in the digital wasteland, and
    planning to resume ops anytime soon, plz. contact me so that we may conduct some sort of
    bulb horn transaction… best regards, John D…

    1. Oh we’re back alright! Just in case anyone is wondering . I’ve asked a few recent customers if they’d care to comment or send along a photo of their horns in use. Fingers crossed they get back to me. Best, John

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