A Bulb For Carlisle!

Carlisle needed a bulb for Ye Olde Squeezehorn. We don’t actually carry bulbs separately, but I had a couple from horns that were damaged in shipping, and was happy to help him out. Thanks for the photo CK!

A red bulb for Carlisle's squeezehorn.

3 thoughts on “A Bulb For Carlisle!”

  1. Hi. I just bought a horn from India – so excited then as I was getting on a busy train the bulb fell under the bus – devastated! The attachment is 2.2 inches in circumference. Can you help please or point me in the right direction? I live in New Zealand. Thanks


    1. I have some extra bulbs on order though I’m not sure when they’ll be in (hopefully next few weeks). My bulbs match a 5/8″ pipe. If that’s a match, drop me an email john[at]squeezehorns[dot]com and I’ll let you know when they arrive.

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