Tijuana Taxi

James recently bought one of our replica King of the Road horns to add to his drum kit. He has a family band. He tells me the horn has the exact sound he needed to play Herb Alpert’s ‘Tijuana Taxi’.

Here’s the horn in James’s drum kit.


And what do you know! You can hear the Tijuana Taxi horn yourself in this Herb Alpert video from 1966! (P.S. If anyone has any info on these horns being used in taxis in Mexico, please post a comment or send me an email john@squeezehorns.com)

Author: John Runs This Place

We love squeeze horns! Especially the brass honkers we import from India! A labor of love. Happy Honking!

5 thoughts on “Tijuana Taxi”

  1. I would like to get a “Tijuana Taxi” type horn that replicates the sound of the horn used in the song Tijuana Taxi. I have a mobility scooter and would like to mount one on it .

    How do I label it in a search for one?

    1. Hi Gregg! Sorry I’m just seeing this now. I’m supposed to get an email whenever someone comments. You can also email me, john@squeezehorns.com.
      I think either the 16″ Covered Bell, or the 16″ Big Bell would do the trick. There’s a link to mp3 sounds of each of those horns there. But if you had your heart set on a lower, fatter tone, I would say go with the replica King of the Road. Though the horns come with a pretty effective plastic attaching bracket, for a more permanent fix take a look here https://www.squeezehorns.com/2022/horns-attached/.

  2. I have an old squeeze car horn and I need info on how to get the rubber squeeze part can anybody help me, please the part is a desmo 12 B’ham please help Thank you

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