Harpo And His Trusty Squeeze Horn!

Harpo Marx! Do you know him? I got lost the other day wandering through the interwebs tracking down an old friend, Harpo Marx. I would have been a child when I first saw some of the Marx Bros. movies and I’m wondering now if Harpo first introduced me to squeeze horns way back then. Have a quick peak.

One leads to another and then some Wikipedia (where they call it a ‘bulb horn’) and then… Harpo’s Place! Harpo’s family have a tribute site where you can read all about Harpo, his family, and the whole Marx Bros. story. There are some great audio clips too. Of course I was especially interested to find pictures of Harpo’s trusty walking cane with built-in squeeze horn.

You can see it in action here…

I don’t think it would be too difficult to make one of these! Will post when I get it built.

2 thoughts on “Harpo And His Trusty Squeeze Horn!”

  1. My husband is looking for a large, loud horn to acknowledge outstanding sales. I love that we can hear the horns, but they do not sound terribly loud. Can you tell me if any of them are VERY loud?

    1. Hi Karen,
      I’ll reply directly, but while it is relative, ie ‘compared to what’, I would say that all the horns bigger than the 7″ are ‘very loud’. Considering that the sound itself is so identifiable (you’ve heard it somewhere, probably the movies) and yet so rare in person, even the 7″ attracts a lot of attention. Probably none of them are as loud as the horn in your car, but as Tim mentioned recently the 12″ was plenty loud enough for his BMW motorcycle. Best, John

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