7″ Nickel Plated

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7 inch Nickel Plated Squeeze HornSmall, 7 inch nickel plated squeeze horn. I show two here so you can see they’re not exactly the same.

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One 7″ nickel-plated squeeze horn. $19. Free US Shipping. Includes 1 attaching bracket.

2 thoughts on “7″ Nickel Plated”

  1. Hi! I received a squeeze horn from a friend who bought it in Paris for me – for my bike. It honked a few times and then it stopped. I felt something rolling around inside the bulb. I figured out how to open it up and found a piece that seemed like it was supposed to be attached to the metal part of the horn. So, I reattached it, and attached the bulb, but no honk. Just air. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    1. Hi Francine! Probably what was rolling around was the reed. The squeezehorns on my site have screw-in reeds. They’re actually threaded, and screw into the horn pipe. On some other models I’ve seen them soldered or perhaps even glued in. But reeds have a right and wrong way to be positioned in the pipe. If you can get it out again, try blowing through it and see if you can get a sound out of it. If you get a sound, then it may be that you had inserted it backwards. If that’s not it you could try sending a picture. Let me know. Best, John

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