Squeeze Horns on the Playa!

I set some friends up with squeeze horns for their trip to Burning Man 2011. Some photos coming back now. Will add more as they come available.

Squeeze Horns on the Playa 2011
Squeeze Horns on the Playa 2011 Photo Blanka Buic

Shortly after arrival.

Sqeeze Horns on the Playa
Sqeeze Horns on the Playa Photo Blanka Buic

Getting into the swing of things now.

Squeeze Horns on the Playa
Squeeze Horns on the Playa Photo Blanka Buic

Squeeze, or Bulb Car Horns!

Earliest car horns were all bulb horns.

Bulb Car Horn
Bulb Car Horn

From the same book came this picture of a reed. It’s very similar to those in the squeeze horns I sell, but with a screw to adjust tension of the reed.
I just did some experimenting with a reed I have and discovered that by pulling the top ‘tongue’ of the reed away from the main portion, ie. increasing the gap, I could lower the tone. This was done by bending the reed, which is a bit dangerous considering it’s impossible to bend it back.  At some point I’ll do some serious experiments with adjusting the pitch and volume, and I think adding an adjusting screw could work!

Bulb Car Horn Reed
Bulb Car Horn Reed



Squeeze, or ‘Bulb’ Horns Used To Be Everywhere!

Happy to report that a new shipment of horns has landed in the US and is making it’s way to my door as we speak.
Very shortly I’ll have new pics and sounds up on the site.
In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy these reminiscences from the past.
From a 1945 Popular Mechanics! Frequently used as a musical instrument! Look at those horns!

Texas Jim Lewis
Texas Jim Lewis – Popular Mechanics 1945